I recently received an email from a fellow dog lover, asking my plans for Schnauzer Gear and if the photo album was still accessible. While reviewing my traffic logs, I discovered that when I set up the gallery years ago, I had placed it off-site from the shopping cart. Not only was the photo album still there, it was getting a pretty lively amount of traffic!

I also discovered that many people have been searching for the Schnauzer Gear Photo Album all these months. In particular, searching a photo I had posted of my un-groomed Schnauzer, with his curly rambunctious look. A look that I find quite irresistible myself. Apparently, I’m not alone. So, without further ado … I give you: The Schnauzer Gear Photo Gallery!

Schnauzer Gear Gallery

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I have not decided what I will do about Scruffy Puppy and the SchnauzerGear Gift Shops. I’ve got to say, I really miss those sites, especially Schnauzer Gear. And everyday, I fight the temptation to put them back up online


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